Ensemble Members

Emily Ardley

I enjoy being part of a group, bring my input in, and shine.

David Baker

I am cool and I like basketball.

Amber Betts

I love my pet goat and I love drawing.

Steve Canning

Im energetic. I love music. I like looking up dance moves online.

Matthew Cameron

I’m good. I love rock and roll, the band, No fixed address, dancing and rocking with its no drama.

Paul van Dord

I am happy. I love singing, reading, dancing and listening to music.

Nathan Gaston

I’m a master of everything especially charming the ladies.

Ben Gleeson

Hi I’m Ben. I love my dog Ruby and my family.

Mattie Gibbons

I love Glee and drama and I have a cheeky smile.

Jessica Hill

Hi I’m Jess. I love dancing. I am a collingwood supporter

Josh Latham

I am thoughtful. I love media and web development. interacting and working with people in this group. I’m a passionate collingwood supporter.

Yolanda Lawton

I am outgoing. I love walks on the beach, holidaying and spending time with family & friends. I love my grandchildren

Murray Lyster

I enjoy traveling and film making. I write screen plays and I do black and white theatre.

Mitchell Price

I am Fabulous!

Paige Ross

I love dancing and netball.

Leonie Somerville-Smith

I am eclectic. I love travelling & I like creative pursuit.

Will Smith

I am happy. I love dancing and the band ACDC.

Maddie Thompson

I am excited. I love performing and dancing.

Maree Walker

I am quirky. I love drawing & painting, being around people with a sense of humour and having fun.

Debbie Wilson

I am happy. I like fishing, and I enjoy the its no drama group.

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