Unreserved was the first work of original theatre created for and with the (it’s no) drama ensemble. It was developed over the course of eight creative workshops in which the ensemble and creative team were getting to know each other and developing their performance skills. Unreserved features dance, voice, shadow puppetry and live music to explore an imagined train journey that glimpses busy city-scapes,  lonely stations, re-unions and and moments of reckless abandon. 

Unreserved was a short production performed by the inclusive theatre group (it’s no) drama at Memorial Hall, Leongatha on 27 October 2017.

  • Directed by Samara Cunningham.
  • Co-artist and support worker- Jenneke Kiljstra-Shone.
  • Guest musician- Caitlin Pilkington.
  • Lighting design- Helen Sammonds.
  • Costume design- Atsuko Tanaka-Morrison. Costume assistant- Mayumi McPhee.
  • Performer/ support workers- Annick Cerdor & Katie Stewart.
  • Project manager- Alisha Gilliland.
  • Rawcus Mentors- Hannah Bradsworth, Michael Buxton, Rachel Edward & Nilgun Guven.
  • Photography Piers Buxton
  • Film documented & edited by Rachel Edward.

Real.Not Real

“Real. Not Real is the second performance work by (It’s No) Drama, following on from Unreserved in 2017. The piece is emblematic of a process in which the performers are getting to know each other at the same time as developing a creative performance experience. In a short space of time individual skills have been drawn upon to explore the theme of home, dreams and real life experiences. The resulting performance offers the audience opportunities for numerous moments of resonance which will differ from person to person. Real.Not Real will undoubtably be one of many more performances by this emerging company as (It’s No) Drama expands its profile in, and beyond our region.”
Samara Cunningham, Artistic Director.

Project Founders: Emily Ardley and Alisha Gilliland
Artistic Director: Samara Cunnigham
Arts Workers: Jenneke Kijlstra-Shone, Sharon Scott
Video Artist: Mick Green, Drift Media
Outside Eye: Iris Gaillard

Ensemble Cast: Emily Ardley, Steve Canning, Russell Parke, Nathan Gaston, Paige Ross, Paul Von Dord, Murray Lyster, Maddie Thompson, Amber Betts, Jessica Hill, Matthew Cameron, Will Smith, Mitchell Price, Taylor Johnson, Sharon Scott, Debbie Wilson, David Baker, Ben Gleeson, Mattie Gibbons, Hayden Smith, Leonie, Yolanda Lawton & Maree Walker.

Lighting: Garry & Joanna Boast
Sound: Chris Dickens
Mentors: Nilgun Guven, Rachel Edwards, Hannah Bradsworth and Michael Buxton from Rawcus Theatre Company.

Enablers: Alisha Gilliland, Mary Sullivan, Ned Dennis and the Community Strengthening team at South Gippsland Shire Council

Filmed at Mesley Hall, Leongatha, On Friday 29 March 2019.

(It’s No) Drama 2017 is proudly supported by South Gippsland Shire Council, Regional Arts Victoria and Rawcus Theatre Company. Rawcus is supported by the Victorian State Government Creative Victoria Organisational Investment Program, The City of Port Phillip and The Shulu Foundation.

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